In the Parent and Child group and in Kindergarten the children use watercolours and crayons to experience colour and free form drawing.

Classes I to III (Years 2-4): Wet-on-wet painting technique with creative colour stories as inspiration, technicalities of using a paintbrush and learning the relationships between the colours. Wax crayons are used for drawing, both in the Main Lesson book and Subject Lesson books. Pencils are used by the older children.

Classes IV - VIII (Years 5-9): Children paint scenes from Main Lesson subjects, whilst also looking at the seasons, animals, anatomy and astronomy. Black and white drawing is introduced and a technique called ‘veil painting’ is also introduced. Light and dark themes are explored throughout these years with exploration of shadows, symmetry and mirror image observation. 

Ceramics, woodwork and metal work all feature in the curriculum throughout the pupils' school years.        

A Level and GCSE Fine Art

The journey through the visual arts in a Steiner school has the opportunity at A Level stage to allow pupils to make creative, personal responses to a wide range of themes: nature study and portraiture, social issues and mixed media work which deepens aesthetic understanding. Painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture are the principle disciplines and can be developed in many ways. Students may wish to explore watercolour, acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal. The work of other artists who have worked with similar themes forms an integral element to the study and informsthe students’ work within the context of this aesthetic discipline.


Wynstones has specialist workshops for Blacksmithing, Silversmithing and Jewellery making. Both workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment and offer the opportunity to produce artefacts of the highest standard. 


Our wood-workshop offers the opportunity to develop a single piece or an ensemble of furniture, or woodcarving and instrument making.



Wynstones has a fully equipped pottery studio with electric and wood fired kilns. There is opportunity to experience the potential of clay as an expressive, sculptural medium and to develop a high level of technical skill and craftsmanship with the potter’s wheel or hand building. 



Graphic Design - Communication Graphics GCSE

We haver recently built a "state of the art" Apple studio to enhance the potential for students doing this course. We now offer an A level and GCSE Graphic Design course.

Head of Art Department: Rebecca Simmons


Wynstones Arts