At Wynstones we offer a range of qualifications from the public exams system, including GCSEs, BTEC Awards, A and AS levels and the Extended Project Qualification. All children as they come into the Upper School are offered a core group of subjects and a number of choices from option groups. Our pupils’ lessons are divided into those that lead to an exam and those that don’t. The choices of exam subjects each year are largely dependent upon the staff and the timetable, but we aim to meet the preferences of the particular year group to the maximum. Some children take exams in additional subjects which may be based on their particular interests or their mother tongue for instance – they take the exam in school but do not receive teaching for those subjects (recent examples include Dutch, Japanese and Geography).

Learning in the Upper School at Wynstones normally happens in small groups. This has the effect, especially at A and AS level, that we do not publish a table of results because to do so would contravene our policies on student confidentiality. We require a group of six results to be collected and anonymised before publication, otherwise the individual results of a student could be made public without their knowledge or consent.

We do however offer a summary of our results. If you are interested in further details of our results please contact our Exams Officer, Jenny Vowles on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A level examinations

In the summer of 2018, Wynstones was in the transitional situation of having no pupils in Class XII and therefore no A level exams were entered. Class XI no longer enters AS level exams but will enter for exams in 2019. A level results for previous years can be downloaded here:  2014-17 A Level Results

Results Appeals and Conduct of Examinations

Details of how candidates can appeal for review of their exam results can be downloaded here


Policy on evacuation of the exam room is available here



Examinations and University Destinations

The Steiner Waldorf Curriculum gets outstanding exam results

Our holistic approach to education looks at the development of the whole child; head, hand and heart. Preparation for our pupils to sit public examinations sits within this rich and stimulating curriculum. 

At the heart of the curriculum of the Upper School is a striving to foster creative, imaginative young people, with clear thinking, independent minds. The Upper School marks a new phase in pupil development where academic challenge now grows in importance: stimulating questions, discussion, criticism - all the activities of the enquiring mind which equip them for the challenge and rigour of exams. 

The task of all teachers in this phase is to enable the unfolding of the inner being and individuality of the young person into an independent, capable and responsible adult. 

Our consistently good results reflect the quality of our Steiner curriculum for children aged 14 to 18. It is also a credit to our excellent teachers and the exceptional talents of our pupils.

Pupils leave our non-selective school as well rounded and sociable individuals, with a broad range of skills and qualities that are valued by employers and admissions tutors at universities and colleges. In recent years, they have secured places on courses such as Astrophysics, Civil Engineering, Criminology and Sociology, Textiles, Creative Writing, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, Set Design, Art Therapy, Human Biology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, German at a variety of Russell Group and international universities.