Classes I - VIII (age 6 - 14 years)

Classes I to III (Years 2 - 4)

What a joy it is to catch the spirit of the seven year old child…how carefully we nurture it and allow it to develop.

Whether children join us fresh and exuberant from Kindergarten, or come to us from another school, our Lower school takes pupils on a wonderful three year journey of discovery and development. Formal learning begins in the child’s seventh year. The Steiner curriculum leads the children into reading, writing and arithmetic through movement, music, colour and story. Sounds of letters, numbers, addition and subtraction are introduced through movement, drawing and painting which develops feeling relationships to abstract concepts. 

Core curriculum subjects are taught – such as reading, writing, mathematics, as well as painting, music, French and German, games, farming and gardening, handwork and eurythmy. 

Classes IV - VIII (Years 5 - 9)

A curriculum that deepens understanding, year on year

In Classes IV to VIII, year by year, each subject mirrors the development of the child, emotionally, physiologically and intellectually. 

Each morning there is a two-hour long Main Lesson, which gives the children time to immerse themselves fully in a subject and to explore it from many angles – intellectual, artistic and practical. 

Examples of subjects include:

  • History – Norse mythology, Greeks and ancient civilisation, the Roman era and the French Revolution
  • Geography – study of the local environment, Europe and celebrations of cultural festivals and place identity
  • Science – Biology, Chemistry and the Laws of Physics
  • Foreign Languages – French and German
  • Drama 
  • Music – orchestras and choir concerts each year
  • Physiology
  • Art
  • Woodwork and Metalwork
  • Movement

To see the Lower and Middle school in action please come along to one of our Open Mornings.